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General Conditions

The mobility panel is managed by Moventem on behalf of the Vervoerregio Amsterdam. Your rights and obligations as a panel member of the online mobility panel are described step by step below. By registering you agree with the following points:

Article 1: in short

1.1 The mobility panel is a survey panel that you can participate in for free. The participant has no obligations with regard to the survey panel, except for the obligations mentioned in these conditions.

1.2 You save points.

1.3 If you have saved 500 points (€ 5,00) (or a multiple thereof) you can exchange them into OVshop vouchers.

Article 2: When you can participate?

2.1 You can become a member of the mobility panel if you are older than 16 and live in or occasionally visit the municipalities that belong to the Vervoerregio Amsterdam.

2.2 The allocation of points is personal. Points cannot be transferred to others, even in the event of death.

2.3 If multiple accounts are used within one household, the separate management of these accounts will be strictly checked. In addition, there must be no similarities between these accounts. If we discover that these conditions are violated, we will block these accounts.

Article 3: Legislation

3.1 Moventem is affiliated with the Dutch Market Research Association, Center for Information Based Decision Making & Marketing Research and acts in accordance with the Code of Conduct for Research & Statistics. This code has been drawn up by the Association for Policy Research and the Association for Statistics and Research. The Fair Data Quality Mark proves that we handle (personal) data in a responsible manner.

3.2 In the performance of its activities, Moventem meets the international Code of Market- and Social Research, as published in January, 2008 by the European Society for Opinion and Marketing Research; ESOMAR and the International Chamber of Commerce (ICC).

3.3 The residents panel is managed by the codes mentioned in article 3.1 and 3.2, in accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). We refer to our Privacy Statement, which explains how we handle personal data and what we do to protect our privacy.

Article 4: Registration / Becoming a member

4.1 When registering, the data must be entered truthfully.

4.2 Registration is only allowed once per person.

4.3 If data changes, it must be adjusted as soon as possible (for example a new e-mail address or another home address). You can change your personal data yourself by logging in to your personal page.

4.4 You must enter all data which are requested.

4.5 Only register if you are actually interested.

4.6 Make sure your e-mail address is always available. If we receive a notification more than 5 times that your e-mail address is not available (bounce), no more e-mails will be sent to you and you must first enter a new e-mail address before you can login again.

Article 5: Making other people member

5.1 Each member has an own unique link allowing them to make others a member of the mobility panel. We can only allocate points for the registration of new members, if this link is used. Members receive a compensation of 100 points per approved member.

5.2 It is not allowed to create new members under duress.

5.3 There may only be one registration per e-mail address. Other registrations via the same IP-address or the same home address are not rewarded.

5.4 Persons may not be rewarded for the registration. Rewarding includes giving credits, money, etc.

5.5 Only if registered members fully meet the conditions and confirm their e-mail address, you will receive a bonus of 100 points.

5.6 Registered members must actively participate in the travellers panel to maintain the 100 points reimbursement. If a registered member deregisters and has not been active, the bonus will be withdrawn.

5.7 It is not allowed to register on behalf of others. Everyone must register themselves, enter the data truthfully and confirm their account.

5.8 There are regular checks on the validity of the registrations. If registered members don’t meet the conditions, Moventem is entitled to withdraw the bonus (which you received for the members who don’t meet the conditions).

Article 6: Receive invitations to survey

6.1 By registering you give permission to receive e-mails from the Mobility Panel. The number varies from 0 to maximum 5 mails per week.

6.2 In some cases e-mails are focused on the target groups, so it may happen that you will receive less or more e-mails than other members.

6.3 It is not allowed to enter the same e-mail address twice.

6.4 Usually, the questionnaires remain valid for two weeks. After the closing date, no more points can be earned for participation in the survey.

Article 7: Registration

7.1 You should only register if you are actually interested in a membership of the Public Transport Passenger Panel. If we discover that you are making incorrect or false registrations, your account will be cancelled and you will lose all points.

Article 8: Pay-outs

8.1 If you have at least 500 points, you can claim a pay-out.

8.2 500 points represent an actual equivalent in Euros, namely € 5,00 per 500 points. Up to 500 points, the points only represent a fictitious equivalent in Euros.

8.3 You can claim a pay-out if you have 500 points or more and in multiples of 500 points. Any remaining balance remains in your account, so you can continue to save for the next pay-out.

Article 9: Collecting personal data

9.1 Personal data will only be used by the mobility panel to invite you to participate in surveys.

9.2 Your personal data will never be submitted to Vervoerregio Amsterdam and the carriers, without your express written permission.

Article 10: Termination

10.1 You can unsubscribe from participation at any time by logging in to www.vervoerregiopanel.nl and unsubscribing from there. You will receive an e-mail confirming your deregistration. If you confirm this, you are unsubscribed from the mobility panel. Your data will be deleted.

10.2 After termination no more points can be credited or debited to your account and all credited points on your account will be cancelled.

10.3 In the event of fraud, the provision of incomplete or incorrect information and in the event that you act in breach of these conditions, you abuse the rights you have as a participant in the Travellers Panel, or in any other way cause damage to the Travellers Panel, Moventem is entitled, subject to all our other rights, to terminate your registration with immediate effect and to cancel your account and all points.

Article 11: General

11.1 If you haven’t been active for the mobility panel for six months (not logging in, not reading e-mails, not registering people etc.) your membership can be terminated without prior notice. All credited points on your account and your account can be cancelled.

11.2 At all times Moventem is entitled to change these General Conditions and will inform you as good as possible about it. You will find the current version of the General Conditions on the website of the Mobility Panel (www.vervoerregiopanel.nl). The new General Conditions will replace the old General Conditions. Any disputes can only be submitted to competent court in the Netherlands. Dutch law applies to this survey panel and these General Conditions.

11.3 Vervoerregio Amsterdam and Moventem can change this panel at any time, for example changing the (money) prices and the allocation of points.

11.4 If you don’t agree with any changes to the General Conditions, you must unsubscribe. By remaining a member, you automatically agree with any changes in the conditions.

11.5 In the event of disappointing results, Vervoerregio Amsterdam and Moventem reserve the right to discontinue the mobility panel. If you have 500 points or a multiple thereof, you still have one month to request a pay-out, after the participants have been clearly informed by the Vervoerregio Amsterdam or Moventem that the Travellers Panel will be terminated.

11.6 You are responsible for reporting income to the tax authorities which is earned through the mobility panel.

11.7 Also see contact and FAQ for more information.

Article 12: Final Provision

12.1 In case of fraud and/or violation of the above mentioned rules, points are cancelled and your account will be deleted. If necessary, data will be passed on to the relevant authorities. In addition, your access to the mobility panel will be blocked and you will not be able to participate again in the future.

12.2 As a member you can’t claim any errors made by the travellers panel. Both parties benefit from the fact that you as a member report this to the mobility panel. It will then be solved by the mobility panel.

12.3 Despite all care taken by the Vervoerregio Amsterdam and Moventem to the mobility panel and associated service, it is possible that you are not satisfied. You can file a complaint through the website www.vervoerregiopanel.nl.

12.4 No unsolicited e-mails should be sent to other people, or in any other way where someone reads about the mobility panel, while you don’t know this person or the person hasn’t asked for it. If this happens, your membership will be terminated.

12.5 Posting unsolicited messages or sending messages without required permission is considered SPAM.

12.6 Vervoerregio Amsterdam and Moventem can’t accept liability for unauthorized use of and/or participation in the travellers panel. If you suspect or could reasonably have suspected that an incorrect crediting or debiting of points has taken place, you are obliged to report this to Moventem.

12.7 If you exchange points that were incorrectly obtained, you are obliged to pay a compensation to Moventem in the amount of the value of the money paid out.